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Capturing Magic Through The heart of a labradoodle

It all started with Daisy, our beloved labradoodle.  She came into our family as a pup while we were expecting our first child, and has captured our hearts with her tenderness, good nature, and happy energy.  She loves outdoor adventures with the family, hanging out with Mr. Finn and Kiki (her rabbit and cat pals), and of course– her baby human!

Labradoodles are smart, loving, energetic, and playful– the perfect addition to any happy family!  We carefully select studs to complement our girl’s temperament to achieve the most desirable qualities in a doodle.  Our aim is produce mellow, smart, and healthy animals that will be a cherished part of your family’s life.  Second only to personality and health, we also aim for the delightful wavy to curly, non-shedding coat of a typical labradoodle.

All of our parent dogs are genetically health screened prior to breeding to ensure the best long term outcome for everyone.  All the puppies are raised in our home and handled from birth.  They are loved immensely and we wish all the happiness Daisy has brought to our family into yours through a cuddly pup!

Meet the dogs

labradoodle swims with baby



labradoodle and baby


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from our home to yours

Our dogs are a cherished part of our family, and it’s important to us that their pups find their forever families as well.  We ask all prospective families to consider their situations carefully, and if you feel you may be a good fit to add another member to your household, contact us to reserve your labradoodle!

Please review our policies and puppy contract here.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Meet the dogs


Daisy is an F1b labradoodle.  She is happy, mellow, and extremely patient.  She has been genetically screened to rule out the likelihood of passing on inheritable diseases.  She stands 22″ at the shoulder and weighs in at just under 50 pounds.


Romeo is a gorgeous chocolate merle Labradoodle out of Happy Tails Colorado.  He stands 23″ at the shoulder and weighs in at 68 pounds.

He is a very loving, happy-go-lucky dog.  Romeo is laid back about everything he does, and enjoys family time and fetch.  His offspring will have potential as excellent hunting dogs, as his retriever instincts are strong.

Romeo is available for stud service.


Mariposa is a lovely red F1bb Labradoodle.  She was born in our home in 2022, just weeks prior to our second child!

She is very sweet and sensitive, and the biggest cuddler!  She is non-shedding, weighs 32 pounds, and stands 20 inches at the shoulder.

Mari will be expecting her first litter in 2024.


Jasmine is an extremely intelligent and athletic dog.  She is very loyal to her family, and somewhat more reserved around strangers.  Her pups will make excellent service or hunting dogs, or could be trained to any discipline.  She is 50 lbs and 22″ at the shoulder.  She has a woolly, non-shedding coat type, and we expect her to have a number of hypoallergenic puppies.  She will be expecting her next litter in 2024.  Please contact us early if you would like to reserve one.


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